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Windows Vista x64 problems May 21, 2008

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Vista32Vista64Vista x64 causes me a lot a problems.

On my work I have to install some UI controls and component from a leading vendor( I won’t mention its name) to be able to build out application. The problem is that the suite don’t support Vista 64. PSPad is my text editor of choice also has problems running on V64. Now I have installed Vista32. Vista64 is a little bit sluggish compared to the 32bits version.

Now everything works like a charm. My VS2008 runs blazing fast and it’s a real pleasure to work. The same is true for VS2005, SQL Management Studio etc.

The world(or just Windows plus many more tools and programs) isn’t just ready to run on 64 bits hardware. These tools causes more problems then they try to solve.

I will definitely stick with 32 bits.